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When I read through a book titled “Rewire Your Brain,” written by John B. Arden, Ph.D., talking about a revolution occurring in brain science, I disagreed with the thought that the brain you were born with was the brain you would die with and that the brain cells you had at birth were the maximum number you would ever possess. Which I disagreed with until a veteran journalist shed more light on it.

Omolúàbi in a media parley organized by Bolaji Abdullahi gave a glimpse of what BIG IDEAS are all about when he spoke in interactive session. He emphasized the big ideas, from the education sector to health, followed by poverty reduction and youth empowerment. Omolúàbi gave practical and relatable ideas and solutions.

With the emphasis he laid on (Omolúàbi) which is “character,” as it means in English, as it stands all this while, to be Omolúàbi is not something to gainsay or something cheap to attain in just a blink of an eye, but only to possess good qualities of leadership.

In many ways to be mentioned Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi has done so wonderfully well when he was part of the cabinet in piloting the affairs of kwara State, are we to talk of the efforts he put in place to proffer solutions to the Kwara Educational sector with which lead him to initiate programs while he was serving as Commissioner for education in the State and the impacts that were made as a result to improve the education.

Meanwhile, many people may keep thinking or believing that it’s impossible for someone who is always thinking of preferred solutions to come up with BIG IDEAS in good six months, yes, it very possible if there is excellent vision and mission and already existing good in upstairs to offer before becoming the masses representative.

In a nutshell, Omolúàbi is as good as his name; he is perfectly poised and sure of himself; more self-contained and more dependable than many of his antagonists; strong and self-possessed in the face of struggle to challenge the economy, disability, education, insecurity, poverty, and other things to make a good living for the common masses.

Mallam Abdulganeey Bolaji Abdullahi Omolúàbi is very Competent, Courage and capable of lifting Kwara Central district to the greater height come 2023.

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