Oyo uncovers fraud in education sector


Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde  has said   he decided to  reshuffle his cabinet reshuffle and delay releasing grant  following questionable actions in one of the ministries.

Makinde said this when a delegation of  the Nigeria Union of Teachers, Oyo State chapter, led by  Samson Adedoyin visited in him on Friday.

He said, “I have taken it upon myself to monitor the education sector because we have committed a lot of money into it. We want to get value for this money. The feedback that I am getting has not been encouraging. I carried out an investigation. First, I had to let a woman go because she was collecting money from people to get teachers posted to choice areas.

“There was a case of four people collecting money. They were caught. They are going to be dismissed and  prosecuted. It is a decision that was painful to me but we have to be sure that we get it right for whatever it costs. If we have challenges we would try our best within the available resources on issue of welfare.”

The governor added, “On the running grant, it took four to five weeks to answer a very simple question; they brought the file to me for the grant for the next term and I asked them to give me the summary of how they  distributed the grant for the first term. It is nothing extraordinary; it is accountability. This is not small money; it is close to N500m.

“They came back after about five weeks with  questionable record. There has to be accountability; it cannot be business as usual. For the books that we distributed, I approved money for logistics to transport the books but later found out that money was still collected from the principals.”

Makinde said  reshuffled his  cabinet because some officials were involved in corrupt practices.

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