Lebanese House speaker warns against famine in Lebanon

Nabih Berri

Lebanese House Speaker, Nabih Berri, on Monday urged for a quick cabinet formation while warning against famine if the current political paralysis prevails.

“We are going to a very dangerous place which we may not be able to avoid later. We need to form a government to deal with economic and financial complications to save the country,” Berri said.

Lebanon has been witnessing nationwide protests since Oct. 17 which led to the resignation of Prime Minister, Saad Hariri’s government.

However, President Michel Aoun, had so far failed to hold parliamentary consultations for naming a new prime minister tasked with the formation of a cabinet capable of dealing with the current financial crisis.

The paralysis in the country led to the collapsed of some companies, while banks’ restrictions were preventing people from withdrawing their deposits to buy their needs.

Meanwhile, businesses including food markets had been incapable of properly importing products to satisfy people’s needs due to shortage in U.S. dollar in the country which may lead to shortage in food supplies in the near future.

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