Imo: PDP Lambasts Oshiomhole for Politicising Injustice, Insists On Review of Supreme Court Verdict


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lambasts the National Chairman of the fizzling All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, for attempting to politicize the accursed judgment of the Supreme Court on the Imo State Governorship election despite evident consensus by the generality of Nigerians for a review.

The party describes as loathsome that Oshiomhole could resort to hauling insults and gutter language on Nigerians, including PDP leaders, in his desperate bid to divert public attention from the perversion of justice by the Supreme Court in favour of APC.

Oshiomohole’s desperation to blur public agitation against the injustice further confirms that APC is in league with Justice Mohammed Tanko-led Supreme Court in perverting justice in the Imo governorship election judgment as well as the heinous plots to use the court to take over other PDP-controlled states of Bauchi, Sokoto, Adamawa and Benue.

The PDP is aware of why Oshiomhole has suddenly become the mouth piece of the Supreme Court.

We have reliable information that certain Justices of the Court have been blaming APC leaders and the Presidency for compromising and dragging them into the disgraceful plots; the reason Oshiomhole now desperately seeks to politicize the issue and divert public attention as a stop gap measure.

This attempt is indeed dead on arrival as the PDP, standing with the generality of Nigerians and lovers of democracy all over the world, will not relent in mobilizing the citizens in pursuit of an end to this and many other injustices that pervade our nation presently.

Of course, Oshiomhole and Justice Tanko Mohammed are reminded that, as stated by Thomas Jefferson, “when injustice becomes law, resistance become duty”.

Nothing, not even the ranting of a character like Adams Oshiomhole, can stop over 180 million Nigerians from speaking out against injustice particularly at the Supreme Court, as injustice to one is injustice to all.

It is however not surprising that the discredited Chairman of the APC could only resort to hauling insults instead of addressing the issues.

Apparently, Oshiomhole thinks that by championing injustice and promoting impunity in his party and its government, he will escape his journey to jail for allegedly looting of billions of naira belonging to Edo state, when he was governor.

Nigerians can recall that since Oshiomhole found his way as National Chairman of APC, he has contributed nothing to the development of politics and democracy except promoting injustice, encouraging looting, fuelling crisis and violence, elevating thuggery as a talent and fouling our public space with gutter language, hate speech, meddling and quarrelling.

We are not surprised because his former lieutenants have told the world that thuggery is his area of strength in politics.

However, we counsel Oshiomhole to learn that politics is about respect for the rule of law and good governance. It is different from thuggery and quarreling, which he has now become notorious for.

Indeed, the PDP agrees no less with the description already in the public that the minds of certain individuals are as their outward looks.

Our respected and patriotic leaders will therefore not be distracted by a political thug who can only find space in a party like the APC where hoodlums, fraudsters, certificate forgers and compromisers of the courts are critical stakeholders.

In spite of all the attacks, the PDP will still not be deterred but will remain focus with the generality of Nigerians in our irrevocable determination to take all steps necessary to reverse the injustice on Imo as well as stop the APC on its trail to use the Supreme Court to take over states lawfully won by the PDP.

The PDP will also not stop our demand for the review and reversal of the injustice done in the Imo State governorship election by the Supreme Court. On this, we stand!

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