BREAKING: Israeli Airstrike Kills Three Sons, Three Grandchildren Of Hamas Leader, Haniyeh


In a devastating incident during Eid celebrations, three sons and three grandchildren of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh were tragically killed in an Israeli airstrike at the Shati refugee camp in Gaza. The news was confirmed by the Hamas-affiliated news agency Shehab, shedding light on the ongoing violence in the region.

Haniyeh, speaking to Al Jazeera, expressed his anguish over the targeted attack on his family members, emphasizing that they were innocently visiting relatives for the festive occasion. His emotional statement condemned Israel’s actions as brutal and highlighted the continued suffering faced by Palestinians.

“This criminal enemy is driven by revenge and murder, showing no regard for standards or laws,” Haniyeh stated, revealing the deep personal toll of the conflict with over 60 of his family members lost since the war began.

The Gaza media office corroborated the tragedy, revealing that Israeli fighter jets targeted a civilian vehicle carrying Haniyeh’s children and grandchildren, resulting in multiple fatalities. This incident fueled condemnation from Palestinian authorities, citing ongoing attacks and a rising death toll among their people.

“Israel’s actions amount to ongoing massacres and crimes in this genocide,” the Gaza media office asserted, holding accountable not just Israel but also the US administration and the international community for the tragic loss of life and the escalating violence in Gaza.

As tensions continue to escalate, this tragic event underscores the urgent need for international attention and intervention to address the humanitarian crisis and bring about a lasting peace in the region.

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